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Brief eines ehemaligen Staatssekretärs an Markus Beckedahl von


Sie tun ganz offensichtlich das Richtige, denn sonst hätte der Generalbundesanwalt nicht Ermittlungen gegen Sie wegen des Verdachts auf “Landesverrat” eingeleitet.
Nehmen Sie es als einen Ritterschlag.
Man nimmt Sie ernst. Und das ist auch gut so.

Netzpolitik hat nun schriftlich, dass gegen sie wegen Landesverrat ermittelt wird.

Anlässlich des Endes des Griechenland Crowdfundings, bekam ich eben folgende Mail:

Dear Friends

As the campaign has now finished and we have not reached the target, all of your contributions will now be refunded. But please don’t leave me just yet!

There is a humanitarian crisis in Greece, not just an economic crisis. For those reasons I am launching a new campaign, with flexible funding so that any and all money raised can be invested to help the people of Greece. I realise now I should have done this on the first one – I can only apologise.

I will be working with Greek foundation, Desmos who have a huge network of charities that they co-ordinate the distribution of surplus goods with. Desmos will help me with my primary aim to get as many 16-24 year olds into work as possible. I want young people to have hope, to learn skills, to drive forward their economy and invest their wages back into Greece. These young people will work in charities, technology and other worthy causes to help the situation in their country.
Go and put the kettle on and while you wait for it to boil please take just a minute to look at the new campaign and be part of something very special.


I urge you to contribute your refund and together, let’s make a difference.

Very best wishes and thanks once again,

ThomFollow the campaign on Twitter for the latest updates.

Derweil in Deutschland:

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